I´m Not Dead

As you can see I´m not dead, just going through some personal stuff.
I also haven´t felt like blogging and there´s no meaning in writhing a post when your heart isn´t in it, it becomes very obvious to the reader.
I´m not sure why I write this, guess I just wanted to address the fact that I´m not dead to my few followers. I honestly thought that I would delete my blog but I´ve grown attached to it for some reason. Maybe I will start blogging again some day.
We´ll see..

Sincerely Anima

Just An Update

I have been thinking about changing this blog from Swedish to English instead. Just to try and get more familiar with English and hopefully improve, thought I would start with translating some old blog posts, a few needs a change.
No promises though because I said that I would be back a while ago and that didn´t happen. I will start a day when I feel up to the challenge of translating an old blog post.
Sincerely Anima

Dagens Leende-givare

Idag på morgonen när jag fotat dagens bild så kom lilla Maja och pratade, så jag kunde inte låta bli att ta kort på henne och hon bestämde sig för att hoppa upp på min axel. Knäppkatt ♥
Här är dagens bild..
Kram Anima♥